looking for people finishing up dynamics homework before class, there’s a good chance you can get help or brainstorm in all those great little study areas.”


Why this is the place for sustainability solutions:

“This city has such a great attitude and energy around sustainability and conservation. It makes my kind of research much easier. When I talk to people here about green roofs, solar panels, and storm water retention, most of the time they understand what I’m talking about and want to know more."


My Portland: “I love the creativity of this city. I lived in Eastern Washington for a couple of years, and I’ve been giddy since I moved back to Portland. It’s a thriving metropolis of creative, open-minded people. I mean, everyone’s yard is creative! And even the most conservative people I know recycle."


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The Maseeh spirit of curiosity: “It’s a very high energy building with a lot of interesting research going on. People are always asking questions. What’s that? How does that work? It’s an open, collaborative environment, with many opportunities to discover new things and meet new people.”


Learning together: “There’s a really good support system from fellow students. The design of the engineering building is conducive to meeting other students. If you’re