team of computer science students to test ideas. For undergraduates, it’s part of their course curriculum. It’s mutually beneficial because they get to work on a cutting edge idea, and we benefit from having these amazing students working for us.


The benefits of studying and working in Portland: “It’s fantastic to be in an urban location, close to Fortune 500 companies. It was easy to get a look at what was going on in those organizations, experience their culture up close, and then come back to Maseeh and discuss with  professors. That exposure helped me form ideas about where I wanted to focus my research because I

understood what would be of value to the industry. The Engineering and Technology program brought in industry leaders to talk with students, giving us the chance to interact and understand real-world challenges.”


My Portland: “The farmers market is great. I also really enjoy the tech community around the city. We have events at Portland State, like Startup Poker, which brings entrepreneurs together to play a few hands, exchange ideas, and socialize. Having fun is part of the culture.”


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What I took away from Maseeh: “The power of an open culture that promotes collaboration. At Maseeh, it’s very easy to do research in different departments or to walk across the hall to discuss an idea. Everything is right here, with great interdepartmental relationships. It helped me discover what I wanted to do in my career.”


What being part of the Portland State community means: “The work I’m doing now is based in the Portland State Business Accelerator. I enjoy being part of an entrepreneurial community, backed by the support of the university. Professors are happy to offer their opinions and expertise. When we need support, we can call on a