Reducing earthquake damage


The challenge: While Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) retrofitting is proven to save lives and buildings during earthquakes, the materials used are heavy and vulnerable to corrosion, and the installation process can be very disruptive to occupants.


The solution: An ultra-lightweight and corrosion-resistant BRB design, developed by Civil & Environmental Engineering Professor Peter Dusicka and tested in the iSTAR (infraStructure Testing and Applied Research) Lab, where it’s all about improving the durability, resiliency, and functionality of our infrastructure.


Why it matters: Putting BRB technology in place saves billions of dollars in post-earthquake reconstruction costs, and Dusicka’s durable design is much simpler to put in place. That means, in many cases, buildings can stay occupied during the installation.


Where it matters: Anywhere within a seismic vulnerability region.

Research Highlight