Thwarting web abuse


The challenge: Automated web attacks are prevalent and adversaries are continually outfoxing the barriers in place to stop them.  Fighting back requires vigilance and an instant response... or else it’s too late.


The solution: MetaCAPTCHA, a metamorphic puzzle system developed by PSU’s Wu-chang Feng that proactively slows down adversaries while leaving legitimate users alone.


Why it matters: Websites spend a huge amount of time and resources in order to keep fraudulent activity from driving away its customers.


Where it matters: Any website that is a target for abuse. MetaCAPTCHA is easy to implement.  “People can deploy this system without impacting their users,” says Feng. “All you have to do is drop the extra protection into your site. It’s as easy as embedding the code into a webpage, a simple cut and paste.”

Research Highlight