Using sensors to save lives


The challenge: Preventing disease and improving life in villages and remote environments


The solution: Sensors on water filters, hand pumps, cook stoves, and in latrines that track how well and often these devices are being used. SWEETLab uses a mix of sophisticated cellular phone-based sensors and on-the-ground support to make sure live-saving technologies have maximum impact in communities that need them the most.


Why it matters: Using advanced, creative, non-intrusive technologies, SWEETLab is able to collect hard data on how effective aid initiatives are at saving lives.


Where it matters: Globally, SWEETLab has improved conditions in rural areas of Rwanda, Nicaragua, Kenya, Guatamala, Mexico, and Indonesia. But this research goes even farther through partnership with NASA, helping to ensure astronauts have what they need to survive while aboard spacecraft.

Research Highlight